Poem from ASD Friendly website (to be credited)

What do you see??

What do you see when you look at my son?
A naughty little boy with a tired out mum?
A boy who at will, hits kicks and flaps,
I hear when you say “what he needs is a slap”

A boy who will scream at me, kick me and shout,
"If he were my child, I’d soon sort him out."
You see when he refuses to stand in a queue,
But you don’t understand, he doesn’t see the world like you.

Loud noises and strange smells make him feel insecure
The world for him is scary, that’s for sure.
A child who is noisy, clumsy and loud
BUT you don’t see all the things that make me so proud.

My blue eyed boy who I cherish and love,
Who was truly sent from Heaven above.
When he said for the first time “I love you mum”
You don’t feel my joy, how could I be glum?

The time on the beach where he first saw a shell
If only you could see how that made my heart swell.
When he orders his trains all in a line,
That is what makes his world seem fine.

I sometimes wish that just for a day
I could be in his world to make things ok,
But for his autism there is no cure,
would we really want it, his love is so pure.

He is my son, my precious little boy
And I am truly blessed, he has brought me such joy.

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