A sad and wonderful brief tale

We have discussed with L about his Autism, even introduced him to The Word.  He is very thoughtful and intelligent so we figured that it would be better for us to have open discussions about it and to be honest with him about his condition.

His understanding is obviously quite basic at the moment but the other day we were discussing his behaviour and how having Autism is not an excuse for mis-behaving, even though it is a 'non-neurotypical' response common to ASD kids.  L commented that he knows his autism makes life a bit more difficult...

Mom:  "Having autism doesn't mean you can be naughty or misbehave"
L:  "I know, I just need to try and control myself"
Mom:  "That's right, and I know it's difficult in the moment, but keep trying"
L: "I will mom.  You know, I am just me and I like being me.  I don't think I would change having Autism even if I could, because thats just another part of what makes me me."
Mom:  [smile].  [sniff].  [wipe away tear].

It was quite a mature thing to say I think - and even though he doesn't fully understand it, his acceptance at 7 years old is a good bearing for the future I think.  Do you agree?

Coming soon, despite this wonderful discussion with mom, L has been having some self-esteem issues lately, so I will be writing a post on that and how you need to keep on championing and being an advocate for your ASD-kid.

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