HEADLINE: “Worst Dad Ever” Tragic suicide

“A young, handsome father of two boys has committed suicide following a cruel indictment from his son, labelling him the “Worst Dad ever” in a hand-written note.

It is understood that the young man received the note following a treasure hunt game with his two sons which turned dramatically sour following delivery of a “very bad map” to his eldest son, 7. Following his efforts to find a fun distraction following a shopping trip to Wickes and Aldi earlier in the day, Mr T decided to draw a map of the garden for each of his sons and hide 6 of their favourite toys, marking each one with a cross to identify their location. Unfortunately, his eldest son could not locate any of his toys and whilst his youngest son, 4, sought help from his loving father, the eldest instead threw what was described by neighbours down the street as ‘a massive tantrum’. The witnesses state that the tantrum lasted between 4 and 7 minutes with the boy shouting “that was the worst map ever”, “rubbish map” and “I hate you” and Mr T showed a great restraint in not raising his voice, however what followed was clearly distressing to all concerned.

The son disappeared for a few moments while the well groomed man started to mow the lawn before returning with a hand-written note. On it in his own handwriting he delivered the crushing verdict.

"was dad evre"
He knew that this translated to “Worst Dad ever”.

He continued in his task to mow the lawn for a few more minutes before suddenly breaking into a sprint with the lawnmower, heading directly over the power cable for it’s full length, making corrections as he ran to be sure he cut the cable and it’s blissful release of electricity surged through his body before collapsing to the ground, his now smoking corpse quivering as the final volts surged through him before a final bang came from the house as the fuse finally conceded defeat and ended the torment.

The family of the attractive man confirmed that his son is autistic and that his tantrums are not rare occurences, and the shock of the suicide is made even more acute by the fact that he was apparently dealing well with his son’s condition.

It is a tragic illustration that the pen is mightier than the sword, and that even when things all seem ok, beneath there lies a field of magma waiting to erupt.”

I would just like to point out that the story above contains many facts, but is mostly the documentation of my internal feelings.  Except for the suicide bit, I'm not that emotionally fragile. Sometimes it is hard to ignore hurtful things, even when they come from the mouths of babes.

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