"Worst Dad ever" Follow-up

Following my earlier, rather dark post, I would like to add that all by himself, L retracted his statement this afternoon, confirming that he didn't really mean it and was actually very happy that I was in fact the "Best Dad in the World".  I'm sure I have a mug to prove it anyway so I wasn't really concerned, but it was very nice of him to realise he had upset me earlier and to retract the statement.

There followed another tantrum when I asked him to stop playing with my iPad, but this only resulted in 13 stars being added to my naughty chart, which he actually invented today for his younger brother, but which he made a special column for me to document my naughtiness to him.

Finally, this evening he came out of bed and walked downstairs to declare, very happily, that he had now blown his nose himself for the first time.  At 7 years old and with a history of hayfever in the family, this is actually quite an achievement.  One of his non-typical behaviours is his mild obsessive cleanliness, especially in that he doesn't like having dirty hands or a dirty face.  Any hayfever sufferer out there will know the tolerance required for heavy nasal excretions using a tissue and the need to be able to manage the fallout around one's face.  This is the most difficult matter for L to deal with, so this evening's achievement is all the more wonderful for that.

There.  I hope that was  a little lighter of a post.

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