Liveblog: The School Disco

Earlier this evening, I escorted L to the school Autumn (Fall for my US readers) Disco (a form of dancing  often to popular music for my US readers, not featuring any Trammps).  I decided to Liveblog on Twitter the evening and to save you guys missing out, below is the transcript...

School disco live blog in effect. Blogging it Gangnam Style

For the uninitiated this is in support of my blog about raising an autistic child.

L has the moves and fighting his natural male urge to run like a loon around the hall. He has been briefed in case of collision.

One Direction. Cue rainstorm of dayglo bangles. L has been limited to 4 and tastefully selected 4 dark red ones. Nice.

Now mildly obsessed with how they can connect to his belt. They will end up all over the dance floor which will be an interesting challenge

Bangle modes tried: daisy chain. Belt buckle. Handcuff. Bangle. Necklace. Leave with dad. #schooldisco

Can you call it camp dancing if they're only 8 years old? Enjoying a candy watch. That's not euphemistic. Oh god. #schooldisco

Party rock anthem. Rainbow drops 15p. L came back saying he only had 40p. Quickly amended his error. "I'm death" is his reply.

IT'S CONGA NIGHT FOR SURE! L second in line. Setting the pace. Centrifugal swinging problem averted.

DISASTER! They've internalised the conga, working into the middle surrounded! This could be the longest key change verse chorus in history

they made it, but the DJ wants blood. Next circle of hades, the hokey cokey. #schooldisco

Phew. It's the CBBC slow paced Justin version and L decides to sit it out, but oh no, what's this... #schooldisco

Musical statues. Keen blog readers will be aware of the problems with L's issues with competition and losing. I sit with fingers crossed.

Kind DJ. Games but no losers so far. Everyone too good. Dancing contest next. Winner gets the balloon hat. I predict no problems if L loses

Jesse j. Logistical problem. J has a green bracelet. L needs a green one too therefore. Sold out. No swappers. He's building up now.

At least it distracted him from the competition. Hope he gets distracted again now! Personally, I think the red look v cool. #schooldisco

LMFAO, and relieved and I know it. J has given L his green one. How does that work? #autism #schooldisco

L is physically hot now. Despite removing jumper outside, we are entering the danger zone. JLS oh oh oh oh oh oh. #schooldisco

‎5 mins to go. Fingers crossed for a damp squib ending and no fireworks! I can't believe how hard some of these kids are hitting the floor!

House lights up. Music off. Kids on the floor. It's a formal ending to the eventless evening. There's a first! Thanks #schooldisco #autism

A bit unusual for an entry, but hope you enjoyed it.

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